Friday, July 13, 2007

Telemundo South Texas: BOYCOTT TELEMUNDO Advertisers & Corporate Conglomerates who claim lip service to "COMMUNITY AFFAIRS".

Telemundo South Texas: BOYCOTT TELEMUNDO Advertisers & Corporate Conglomerates who claim lip service to "COMMUNITY AFFAIRS".

Beware of the Progressive Bandwagon & at least you guys had a good template to follow. No need to say anything else right guys? This cause needs a target for a concentrated effect moving the steadfast who remain unrebuffed. We need the corporations and the companies that hire the raw labor to be able to benefit from the labor and process the worker class of mejicano as Corporate America strives and works in the lobby and underneath whispers to process the Asian Technology Class ala PING. I will direct you to center stage with Johnny Canales. "Take It Away",........ "Esso". Is that how you spell it.


Here is some energy for your BOYCOTT TELEMUNDO & Breach of Contract Litmus Test.

Press Release: National Call For Action Spreading Thru Internet Rapidly Inbox

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Press Release: National Call For Action Spreading Thru Internet Rapidly


National Call For Action Spreading Thru Internet

E-mail has also crossed U.S. borders into other
countries around the world!

By H. Nelson Goodson
El Conquistador Newspaper
3206 W. National Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53215
July 13, 2007

Milwaukee- An e-mail calling for national action and
the financial management of our economic purchasing
power by Latinos and immigrants to influence
immigration reform is circulating and spreading like
wild fire on the Internet. Even, conservative and
anti-immigrant groups have posted the e-mail on their
web sites. The posted on their web
page, “We won round 1. NEW Immigration fights are
gearing up. WATCH where you spend your money $$$ !!
DON'T relax. The fight is not over YET. Supporters of
Amnesty are already gearing up for the next round. We
cannot rest on our laurels until we pass legislation
that prevents any future Amnesty bill from ever

The e-mail has also crossed the United States border
into other countries. The circulating e-mail reads,
last month’s decision by the U.S. Senate to block an
immigration bill has left Immigration reformist around
the country debating about what alternatives are left
and how to bring an immigration bill back to the
floor. The Senate’s decision to block any action in
approving a bill has for now sealed its fate. Will the
House now have enough support to revive the issue?
Probably not, and advocates for a just immigration
bill will now have to wait until after the 2008
Presidential elections.
Will the current Presidential candidates take up the
debate and promise to support and sign a comprehensive
immigration bill into law as President George W. Bush
has agreed to do so? We might have to wait for an
answer from the candidates.
Undocumented immigrants contribute more than 890
billion of dollars into our U.S. economy per year.
Millions of americans who support immigration reform,
including immigration advocacy groups, educators,
community based organizations, unions and members of
the entertainment industry as well as major Latino
owned businesses, food processors, financial
institutions, mortgage firms, corporations,
manufacturers, and the list continues, have and will
continue to contribute just as much into our economy.
Last year and including May 1, 2007, the immigrant
population, their families, friends and supporters for
immigration reform have marched in huge numbers
totaling millions throughout cities around the
country. Their ability to organize and vote resulted
in the unexpected control of both houses by Democrats.
Even President Bush surrounded by his cabinet with
frowning looks conceded defeat live on national news
Immigrants, advocacy groups and supporters have united
for a common cause throughout the nation. Their
efforts have yet to be taken seriously by those
opposing the legalization of the 12 million
undocumented immigrants already in the country.
What alternatives do immigrants have for now to get
the immigration issue resolve in the near future?
Immigration advocates could argue by looking at the
current situation that undocumented immigrants are
left with few options. But today, there is one
rewarding option which has not been fully utilized by
Immigrants need an effective strategy for financial
management of their economic purchasing power which
totals in the billions of dollars to influence
immigration reform. People from across the country
have suggested for financial management of our
expenditures and are waiting for the inevitable. The
national call for action is the inevitable.
Our success to bring about a just immigration reform
depends on every individual and persons willing to
adjust their spending practices. Today, we spend our
money just about anywhere and on anything without
realizing who actually ends up with our money. The
Senate’s decision to block immigration reform sends
the wrong message that undocumented immigrants from
Russia, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Mexico
and all over the world are not welcome in America,
especially when they help contribute to their state
and cities' economy and cultural wealth.
On September 17, we should begin to invest, shop and
spend our money in businesses and entities that
support immigration reform. We have a grace period
from now until September to begin adjusting our
expenditures by shopping in places that are willing to
post a sign in the window saying “We Support
Immigration Reform Now” and display a copy of a
certified letter sent to their Congress and U.S.
Senate Representative requesting support. If they
don’t know about it, feel free to advise them to post
one up as soon as they can.
Once we are able to manage our purchasing power as a
united effort throughout the nation, then we can
accomplish our quest to influence the passage of a
just immigration reform. Why has September 17 been
chosen as the target date to actually begin our full
strategic action throughout the nation. It’s the day
after the well celebrated 16 de septiembre la
Independencia de Mexico. On September 16, numerous
communities with largely Hispanic populations
throughout our nation recognize and celebrate the
Independence of Mexico, which has been commercialized
by this country. It’s a celebration where non
Hispanics also take time to go out and consume Mexican
products, eat tacos and enjoy Mariachi music.
Opponents of immigration reform claim that a large
portion of Hispanics in the country are undocumented.
In conjunction with September, Hispanic Heritage month
begins and will no doubt provide awareness of how
truly Hispanics and immigrants have contributed to our
nation. As a nation, we recognize the achievements and
contributions Latinos and non Latinos have done while
working along side each other for the welfare,
freedom, liberty, economic success, and especially for
those brave women and men who have given their lives
as the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country and
uphold the U.S. Constitution.

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