Wednesday, July 16, 2008



The law, which is relevant provides strict oversight by the judge.

"(l) Proceedings commenced under this chapter may not proceed to hearing unless the judge who is to conduct the hearing is satisfied that this article has been complied with and that the attorney representing the state will introduce into evidence at the hearing any answer received from an inquiry required by Subsections (c)-(h) of this article. "

Judge Banales like every other trained judicial monkey proved he would sign his own death warrant. Judge Banales’ willingness to sign anything without insuring strict compliance with the law is a major cause for the corruption which has Cameron County by the short hairs. It is time Governor Perry rethink Judge Banales’ appointment and demand his resignation. Oh, that is right, Governor Perry is in a permanent state of holding is knees at the command of Dannenbaum.

The law required that the BND be given notice of the lawsuit, and in fact served a copy of the lawsuit.

"Furthermore, Arambula didn't mind that District Attorney Armando Villalobos did not give BND notice of the intended forfeiture of $1 million from Dannenbaum's firm, perhaps stripping BND's right to claim the money for itself."

"This is cover-up Brownsville style - "we are so confident we can get away with it, we are going to announce it publicly." Any BND Board Member unwilling to demand a criminal investigation into how DA Villalobos secured the forfeiture without being able to name the source of the money, is not fit for public office. In my opinion a deal was cut to protect Dannenbaum from further exposure in exchange for 1 million dollars.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tip of the Iceberg: Fwd: [Corpus Christi Caller Times] Remember the Cucuy vs Two Fer adversarial rel...

Tip of the Iceberg: Fwd: [Corpus Christi Caller Times] Remember the Cucuy vs Two Fer adversarial rel...

Let the ELite Cannibalize themselves.
Personally,only one of those men have sat down, agreed and moved to align with myself (& LOS KENEDENOS) but ignorantly failed to heed the crucial advice (PUT UP A BIG STOP SIGN IN ROBSTOWN) and failed to build a working relationship with Homero. As for TWO FER, now there is a Drama King and the DRAMA is only beginning.

We are only seeing the Tip of the Iceberg: kenedeno