Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rove Expedience & A Simple Activation Mechanism: A bloated bafoon in a suit who treated his wealth as carefully as the Beverly Hill Billies

Friday, October 26, 2007

Rove Expedience & A Simple Activation Mechanism: A bloated bafoon in a suit who treated his wealth as carefully as the Beverly Hill Billies

  • - Mauricio - - By taking Watt's place at the table October 25, 2007 at 00:27:57 AM

    How interesting? Well Watts, it goes to show you can't win them all. Are you familiar with the Art of War? You should not leave your weakest point of penetration unguarded and stupidly exposed to the world. Well, you knew that. Arrogance was the snake under your pillow. And that snake took the form of bloated bafoon in a suit who treated his wealth as carefully as the Beverly Hill Billies. How funny! This will now lead to all the political stooges Watts put in place to fall like dominoes. There will be a vaccum set up and maybe a couple of the right people might step in.

    Juan G. is not one of them. Let's not get our hopes up. The wannabe Kennedy impersonation worked in the 60's, maybe the 70s, but not now. We need leaders, not actors.

    Lesson to be learned: Learn who the real power is in your area and don't piss them off.

    Goodbye Watts. Your undeserved millions might not keep you safe through this scandal.

    I'm taking your place at the table now.
    You will hear about me in a couple or few more years. "Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name."
    • Non mihi, non tibi, sed nobis - By Jaime Kenedeno October 25, 2007 at 01:22:59 AM

      Let's take a look at this picture.

      7.03 (b) A lawyer shall not pay, give, or offer to pay or give anything of value to a person not licensed to practice law for soliciting prospective clients for, or referring clients or prospective clients to, any lawyer or firm, except that a lawyer may pay reasonable fees for advertising and public relations services rendered in accordance with this Rule and may pay the usual charges of a lawyer referral service that meets the requirements of Occupational Code Title 5, Subtitle B, Chapter 952.

      So an unlicensed person can solicit prospective clients and deliver them to an attorney but the attorney cannot pay according to the potential value of the client (and his case). The attorney can pay the unlicensed person reasonable fees for advertising and public relations services rendered . In the same exact client and case, the receiving attorney can pay, give, or offer to pay or give anything of value to a licensed attorney .

      Basically it is a housekeeping issue for the attorney profession. It prevents upward financial mobility unless one has a license.

      Here is where the loathing sets in.

      A doctor receives his clients be referral, word of mouth and quality work performed. He does not pay for the referrals.

      A runner or legally untrained person refers clients to an attorney and for every case the lawyer takes on, the runner is paid "reasonable fees" (chump change) depending on the amount "advertising and public relations " work performed.

      Or if that same runner realizes he has something valuable, he can take it to a market where he will be compensated appropriately.

      Dramatists speak of the unconscionable "ANYONE WHO PRAYS ON THE INJURED OR DEAD UNSOLICITED IS A PIECE OF ####".

      I must disagree and let me tell you why. Last year on October 8,2006 my father had a heart attack. I performed CPR and kept him viable until the fire department arrived and took over. They hooked him up to an AED an Automatic Electronic Defibrillator and procedded to apply the shock needed to restart his heart. As my family watch in horror the AED malfunctioned. The rescue squad just looked at each other as they were thinking "not again"; then they quickly scooped and ran with my pops to the hospital. The machine malfunctioned and one of the men who was cleaning up made a comment he said, yeah we still have a few bugs to work out it (referring to the AED). Still to this day I would consider it a God send to be solicited. When something unfortunate happens to a loved one his or her family is looking for the reason and they want somebody to pay for their loss. They didnt choose to have their loved one snatched from their lives and certainly there is not any amount of money that will bring their loved one back. The family does not know how to preserve their legal rights. Who will protect them for free?


      I also can see the argument one makes regarding a money seeking runner playing on the emotions of the grieving family.

      In the end did the family receive Justice is the question?

      A family is prayed on if they are not justly compensated and provided for. If the family receives compensation then the runner receives compensation per quantum meruit.

      If there are attorneys are burning grieving families of injured or dead victims; give us some specifics where this has happened.

      From my experience most of these cases where runners have solicited the family, the family and the runner develop a client / agent fiduciary relationship. The runner advocates for the family as he advocates for himself. He works with a law firm and barters parameters for himself as well as the family and power of attorney is transferred to the Licensed attorney.

      Quantum Meruit - "For what it's worth"

      As far as unconscionable, take a look at the funeral homes and their taking advantage of the grieving family. Maxwell P Dunn is the only Funeral Home in town who did not try to take advantage of a grieving family.

      I am still pondering this dilemma. With Celis, I think we have a man who has advocated for a lot of families and these families (at least most of them) are content / satisfied with the end result. This little tidbit about him not being licensed has been known for quite a while and he was an accepted asset in the Legal Community. Thomas J Henry has known of this same fact for quite a while as well so why now?

    • Mauricio is being fried because Mikal is running for Senator. Why not run that BND corruption up the chain of command. Now, there is a legitimate decay in our society. @! million is only the tip of the iceberg, what about the illegal human trafficking, the asians, the dream team and the Cohens?

    • And

      n. creating legal business by stirring up disputes and quarrels, generally for the benefit of the lawyer who sees fees in the matter. Barratry is illegal in all states and subject to criminal punishment and/or discipline by the state bar, but there must be a showing that the resulting lawsuit was totally groundless. There is a lot of border-line barratry in which attorneys, in the name of being tough or protecting the client, fail to seek avenues for settlement of disputes or will not tell the client he/she has no legitimate claim.

      Sounds like TJ Henry to me?

      And for the Record I supported Mikal Watts in his Senatorial run. He was the only candidate that could upset Junior John Cornyn. Noriega will be debunked, count on it.

    • We at Los Kenedenos believe in

      The Engagement of the Average Citizen in the Formulation of Public Policy

      When the people are engaged the result might not be the outcome I want or the outcome you want but it is what the people want.

      Non mihi, non tibi, sed nobis
    • You should not leave your weakest point of penetration unguarded and stupidly exposed to the world - By Jaime Kenedeno October 25, 2007 at 01:01:59 AM

      Why not come out with it, since you want so bad to tell us your the details of your small victory.

      Power we giveth and power we can taketh away. Ask Elizondo, Juan G and yes ask even Mikal Watts.

      Power is a united people.

      Dont piss us off.

      And just remember it aint over just yet.

      Where is Lencho?

      I understand he is under investigation as well as his Laredo Clan he brings to infect our community.

      Dos Logistics, Omega, LR Global, OSI, Mando & Bobo for the siphon. Now you try to turn on the ones who brought you.

      Go for it big boy, we will wait for you in the tall grass.

      That includes the blabber mouth nephew with no audience.

      And Fil Vela that goes for your agenda as well.

      Just remember that last step is a doozie.

      • Ad Litems for "unknown or unborn........ - By D1 October 25, 2007 at 01:25:59 AM

        heirs"? Where is all that MOOLA?

        IN an IOLTA? Swiss bank?

        American bank?

        Why appoint an Ad litem for people that do not exist?

        They either do exist, or it BETTER be sitting in a bank account.

        But, but is it not the JOB of the Ad litem Appointed by the Judge to require the ad litem to represent an unknown heir and there are many that have not been informed that they were represented but have not been informed by the ad litem.

        Smells like fraudulent representation.

        And these are licensed attorneys.

        If there were no funds involved there would not be an Ad Litem to oversee that their (unknown/unborn)"best interest" is secured.

      • Working for the man and dont even know it - By Sgt. Julio Cesar Pacheco October 25, 2007 at 01:14:19 AM

        The netroots progressive voters are unaware of their buffered affiliation with the Republican GOP calling the shots. Follow the chain of command from the lefty affiliations connected to Solly Jr (various companies and board members in South Texas to the
        relationship with fort bend county progressives and Houston progressives). From Solly Jr to his Father Congressman Solomon Ortiz Sr and his henchman Lencho Rendon who work directly the Junior Senator. This is a forged relationship due to the strained relationship between Kay Bailey and Solomon Sr.

        Solomon Sr is pro life and votes along republican lines. The progressives are controlled by the republicans and will deny it nonetheless.
        • Draco - By Big Boy October 25, 2007 at 01:09:31 AM

        #1 lesson to remember is that power is always on loan from the people. It's good to know that some are still vigilant for the people. #2 thing is that I really do admire El Defenzor's and J.K.'s work. #3 thing to know is always be careful as to what girls you spill your secrets to because they too can be bought.
        • Re(1): Draco - By D1 October 25, 2007 at 01:38:09 AM

          Yes, but do they have credibility?
          • Re(2): Draco - By Big Boy October 25, 2007 at 01:41:55 AM
            That's a tough one. In ancient Greece, the true role of the wise was preparing the young to be the next philosopher kings. The truly noble would stand back and bolster young leaders for the greater good.

            Look to a young man in Kingsville to lead South Texas someday. He is honest to a fault, but gets less naive with age.
            • Re(3): Draconian..... - By D1 October 25, 2007 at 01:57:02 AM

              don't we all?

              If I only knew then........What I know now.

              K~Town? r u sure? Racism is required if you are a gringo.

              Many spirits are there,besides the B/S DA now in lugar.
            • Re(3): Draco - By Jaime Kenedeno October 25, 2007 at 01:56:53 AM

              R B

              You were always one to reference Sun Tzu

              How's law school
              • Re(4): Draco - By Big Boy October 25, 2007 at 02:00:34 AM

                Nope. Odiame, Los Tres Reyes. Clue.
        • Re(1): Draco-L.R. S.P and L.. - By Big Boy October 25, 2007 at 01:16:04 AM
          will have their day as well. Who will step up?

          Do you guys see any young leaders coming up?

          And please we don't need anymore juniors in our state legislature.
    • Re(1): - Mauricio - - By D1 October 25, 2007 at 00:34:06 AM

      Be Careful they might be serving crow at the table.

      You sure don't want to eat that?

      It tastes yuk!

      • Re(2): - Mauricio - - By It's Watt's 4 dinner October 25, 2007 at 00:46:24 AM

        Point well taken. We could all be wrong. Everyone is out to serve the greater good- not their own agenda. In that way, we may all have to eat crow. Well , at least we won't have to see Watts's face or hear his voice on T.V. during election time. That is good enough for me at this point. Besides, there are more honorable ways to help the community than to stand in those shoes. Maybe Homero will post Celis's campaign donations and where they went to. That would be interesting.
        • WATT are you inferring... - By Jaime Kenedeno October 25, 2007 at 03:13:54 AM

          "That is good enough for me at this point"

          I say the bar has been lowered by Watts dropping out.

          The VA hospital will it see fruition

          Immigration issues

          Cornyn will be re elected unless we find another horse to run. Not just any horse but one who is responsive to the people.

          Noriega dont have a chance and he is dirty as well.

          I am not ready to concede just yet.

          What about Barbara Ann?
        • This little ruse about Mauricio not being licensed is stale at best and way late - By Jaime Kenedeno October 25, 2007 at 01:28:07 AM

          This is old news. It is common knowledge Maurico Celis has never held a JD or State BAR License.

          I spoke to Mauricio and his representatives on Friday.

          I was told, "Mauricio is the Manager of CGT Group" and " he is not licensed to practice law in the State of Texas".

          Thomas J Henry did not return calls.

          Why now?

          Why did Vance move to California?

          When we revealed this information, nobody gave a ####.

          And now?

          TJ Henry, his actions speak for themselves.

          Mauricio possesses a clientèle niche and is the manager of CGT Group. As far as referrals, it would be imprudent to turn down clients because a non attorney acting as an agent is the "referrer".

          If I bring a high dollar case to any attorney,I expect to be compensated accordingly. We dont call it a referral fee as I am not referring the case. I bet Les Cassidy, TJ Henry, Abel Cavada and every other attorney rewards people who bring them money making cases. That is the real world people. The laws were made to allow attorneys to retain an inside track and charge the high rates. If the BAR had it their way, there would be no internet access to the written law. It is called a housekeeping issue.

          Henry is mad because he did not get the referral. He didnt get the big case.

          The real question here is, who has Mauricio Celis represented in a courtroom?

          Which courtroom and who was the Judge?

          Now, there is something new to write about.

          You know at one time, mainstream CC did not know Mikal's mother was the Judge but think WATT it would sound like to make the announcement today? This little ruse about Mauricio not being licensed is stale at best and way late. The bearer of this news is either very uninformed or has acquiesced and now finds it personally advantageous to bring it up now. But go for it guys, y'all got yourselves a humdinger of a scoop. Blast away, after all; as far as credibility, you guys dont got anything to lose.
        • Here is an entree, we have plenty of side dishes. - By Jaime Kenedeno October 25, 2007 at 01:08:03 AM


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