Sunday, December 30, 2007

EL Nueces Democrats: We dont know that Joe Benavides will make a better Commissioner than the incumbent

EL Nueces Democrats: We dont know that Joe Benavides will make a better Commissioner than the incumbent

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Joe Benavides a Retired Marine and Teacher Fighting for Our Children

Many in our community know Joe Benavides as not only a retired Marine and combat veteran, but a nonstop community volunteer. For the past several years Benavides has worked tirelessly helping our elderly by coordinating children (many of them court-ordered) to cut lawns, remove debris and help the elderly by taking away some of the burdens they face.

Now Benavides, is helping children by intervening through becoming a teacher. Benavides has done a remarkable job at the Adult Learning Center by helping children obtain their education. He has also worked with many community leaders and business owners such as Pete’s Chicken and More, Flint Hills, Valero, Greenwood Doors and many, many other leaders to provide support in saving our children. The drop out rate has nearly doubled over the last two decades in Texas. Many programs that were previously there to aid our children have been underfunded and the educational system is in crisis. Private citizens like Benavides have risen to the challenge and not only gotten children and parents involved in striving to complete their high school degree, but also to have the potential and financial wherewithal to attend college.

Education is Our Freedom is a well-recognized program spearheaded by Judge Joe A. Gonzalez and Joe Benavides. The program has aided over a hundred children who many in our community had given up on obtain not only their high school education but also attend college. The program has been such a success that funding and success rates have doubled each year since it inception. “We must help our children and pay for programs upfront. Whether you or a conservative or a liberal it is important to pay for preventative programs such as Education is Our Freedom in order to create a workforce that not only has education as a goal but that prepares today’s youth for the workforce tomorrow” said Benavides.

We at the Defenzor wish to commend Mr. Benavides for the efforts he has made over several years and also his sacrifices for his country. His eldest son has followed in his father’s footsteps and has answered the call to duty and is a two year Marine Corps veteran and is soon to be deployed to Iraq. Joe Benavides is a man that has never stopped sacrificing and never stopped serving our country. In this New Year we extend our warmest wishes to Joe Benavides and the efforts he is making with at-risk teens. IF ANYONE IN THE COMMUNITY WISHES TO HELP OUR YOUTH IN THESE PROGRAMS CONTACT JOE BENAVIDES AT 361-633-9308.

Nueces Democrats: We dont know that Joe Benavides will make a better Commissioner than the incumbent

With this precinct I have not a vote however, the County Commissioners are engaged towards progress for our community as a whole.

"Our Large Family attended the "Annual Feast of Sharing" event held at the Bayfront Plaza.

Joe Benavides was one of our servers (i believe he was a soft drink server), and Mrs.Banales also was there with her husband.

I will not talk about the burnt tamale(only I got) but lets just say the mashed potatoes were the best my man says the rolls were the best.

Considering it is election time, I am surprised most politicians were absent. But with the way they rushed you out after you ate, You certainly did not have any time to "network".

The candidates that did attend, I apologize for not mentioning you as I was there only a small window of time..."

It was so different from the last time I went, which with regret, was not last year.

I must say the food was better at the events that cost money."


We dont know that Joe Benavides will make a better Commissioner than the incumbent but I do know Joe was working and he volunteered out of his commitment to the community. Joe has over the years volunteered and donated his services diligently. One might argue he is only volunteering his time and services because he wants to "get elected".

I dont believe this is the case. I have known Joe for a little over two years and I know his father. In the past, Joe Benavides has run a couple of times for office but, he volunteers regardless of whether he is running or not.

Will Joe Benavides continue to volunteer if he wins?

We can only know after we vote for him.

We do know his incumbent opponent was not volunteering at the Feast of Sharing.

We do know Joe Benavides' incumbent opponent was parading around with her hubby in tow. Was she making a statement? The message IMO was she is not worried about her challenger, she does not take him serious and she is not going to change her routine ways for her constituents. We do not know how she represents her constituency but we do know she is not going to change it.

All we can do is allow Joe Benavides to tell us how is going to represent his constituents.

We can ask him questions and hear his answers.

With Joe Benavides' incumbent opponent we dont have to ask her anything because we have her record to refer to.

The only thing I remember is that, "She could work harder" if she gave herself a pay raise.

I also know she was walking around when she should have been working.

As far as the Family name and integrity, we might should ask the ME about the trangressions.

Ask her about the real reason she decided to run.

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