Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Obama campaign was "bullying" him out of the page he built.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hostile Takeover: Obama takes MySpace page from backer

Rick Noriega: Senator Obama Might As Well Forget About It Because, "just like everything else those ole crazy dreams just kinda came and went".:
Senator Obama Might As Well Forget About It Because, "just like everything else those ole crazy dreams just kinda came and went".

With all due respect to the Senator from the Great State of Illinois, Senator Obama, has displayed his true colors.

In this case Los Angeles paralegal Joe Anthony became an influence on presidential politics through the power of the Internet. Democrat Barack Obama's presidential campaign took over control of the MySpace page ( belonging to Anthony who created it. Anthony invested countless hours maintaining and improving the site while collecting ~ 160,000 email friends along the way.

"Anthony believes he was mistreated by the Obama campaign after he spent the past 2 1/2 years running the MySpace page as an enthusiastic volunteer". At first, that arrangement was fine with the Obama team, which worked with Anthony on the content, promoted the link and even had the password to make changes.

Way before Barrack Obama declared his candidature for US president, someone else, Joe Anthony, created a myspace account to promote Barrack Obama at When Obama got into the race for the presidency, he naturally wanted a myspace account and his people contacted Joe Anthony and they started working together to optimize the profile - which grew to have 160,000 friends. Later, the two groups fell out of sorts and Barrack's camp offered to buy rights to the profile. Joe Anthony asked for $39000. Obama's team didn't like that and asked myspace to hand over the account, claiming that they should have rights to Obama's name. Myspace complied and handed over the account to Obama. This created quite a storm and bad press for Obama. Obama and Myspace are working hard to find a solution. As it stands now, Joe Anthony will get back his account (with all the 160,000) friends but under a different name.

But as the site exploded in popularity in recent months, the campaign became concerned about an outsider controlling the content and responses going out under Obama's name. It told Anthony it wanted him to turn it over. written 11:43 AM

In this new frontier of online campaigning, it's hard to determine the value of 160,000 MySpace friends — about four times what any other official campaign MySpace page had amassed. But the Obama campaign decided they wouldn't pay $39,000, which is what Anthony said he proposed for his extensive work on the site, plus some additional fees up to $10,000.

MySpace reluctantly stepped in to settle the dispute and decided that Obama should have the rights to control as of Monday night. Anthony had the right to take all the friends who signed up while he was in control, and that includes the right to tell them how he feels about the Obama campaign — although he said he was still locked out of the page with his contacts as of Wednesday. By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer Thu May 3

Anthony wrote on his MySpace blog that he was heartbroken that the Obama campaign was "bullying" him out of the page he built.

We at Los Kenedenos firmly believe: Bullies and elitist have no place in a position of power.
The Senator from the Great State of Illinois is without a doubt, in the wrong. The actions are most demonstrable of Obama's moral upbringing, untrustworthiness, lacking integrity but most of all his actions reveal the sorry excuse for a human being Obama is in reality. I personally guarantee Senator Obama will never become president. Senator Obama has no couth! For this man to take from one of his own team members in such a fashion speaks volumes of how he would treat America if he was to ever place a foot in the oval office. To take the work product of a productive and loyal team player with such inconsideration is unconscionable. Senator Obama, ask Mikal & Juan about the detrimental mistake you made. Cuz "just like everything else those ole crazy dreams just kinda came and went".

Quantum Meruit

The reasonable value of services provided, which a winning party may be able to recover from an opponent who broke a contract. When a person employs (impliedly or expressly) another to do work for him, without any agreement as to his compensation, the law implies a promise from the employer to the workman that he will pay him for his services, as much as he may deserve or merit.

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