Monday, July 30, 2007

South Texas Chisme: Contracting with cronies.

South Texas Chisme: Contracting with cronies.: "At 5:05 AM, DAC said...

Not much you can do with a legal system that mandates these children do time snd give few or inadequate alternative other than set up a system that is for warehousing and not education, evaluation or treatment. If you are tired of juvenile law breakers you play on fear (crime and higher taxes) and build them their own prisons, telling yourself and the world at least we are not sending them to adult facilities. The Shawshank Redemption Defense don't work here. These kids did the behavior that was outlawed by the legislature, the parents and schools would not or could not stop the behavior (much of which went on when we were children) ... so what you going to do? (Socrates would stop there) .. cheaper to warehouse bad eggs til you have to bury them...less government and lower taxes say conservatives
and as if by magic here we are"

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